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Leather heart bracelet av by me - Marianne Tefre


Lengde: 18 cm
Materiale: lær / sølv

by me - Marianne Tefre

by me - Marianne Tefre

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Travel, people and other cultures are significant sources of inspiration. Classic jewelry design as well as current fashion trends also have a strong impact on the creative process.The personal expression is very prominent, giving a strong and characteristic signature. The success of by me lies in the ability to create collections with a strong personal expression that appeals to people of all ages. Collections can be combined in countless ways and each person can create a distinctive image to highlight their own personal style. Use of classic materials combined with unique design gives by me jewelry an aesthetic beauty that can be enjoyed for years. Emphasizing the wearability of the designs, Marianne has created a look that is suitable for any occasion, opting for subtlety over showiness. Her typical clients are not slaves to fashion, but rather tend to be more concerned about personality, quality and individual style.