The lady and the lion av Tyler Shields

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The lion was fascinated by Allie, and every time she moved, he would follow and watch her. This photo was not planned, and I had the idea for it just moments before we took it. I was using this chair to sit in as it is an old prop from my “Decadence” series that I kept. I had the thought, - why don't we sit her in the chair and see what the lion does. Sure enough he began to walk around her displaying his control and he finally lost interest in her, and instead gained interest in me and my large camera. I was able to get off 3 shots in a 10-minute period. Allie was in a trance, a pure state of bliss, so calm and collected, which gives the photo such a feel. We also took this on an 8 by 10 camera which means I was not able to see exactly where the lion was in the frame. The Lion photos were some of the most difficult photographs I have ever made. Shot on a Deardorff 8 by 10 camera.


Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields

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Som sin generasjons Andy Warhol har Tyler Shields produsert bilder som leker med forestillinger om blikket, maktstrukturer, hyperrealisme, ikonoklastiske tendenser og kinematografisk uttrykk, men hans verk i Mouthful-serien er blant hans mest kjente

Fotografen, filmregissøren og tekstforfatteren Tyler Shields (f. 1982) ble født i Jacksonville, Florida, og er bosatt i Los Angeles.