The creation of color av Tyler Shields

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The paint series became a battle of will; how long could the model stand with their face covered in paint without being able to see or hear. It was also freezing just to make things even more difficult. Technically, this was a lot of fun to pull off using a 503 CW Hasselblad camera with a custom lens set up. With chrome film, I was able to achieve a look that no digital camera in the world could compare to. These prints are the most challenging and difficult I have ever made. Of all my prints, the head of my lab said we are inventing colors for the printer and that, to me, is always a nod that I am going in the right direction. My lab has been printing for over 35 years and the fact that this was their greatest challenge means I am pushing the limit with this series, and I am very proud of that. In terms of the photo's themselves, there was no rapid fire. This camera takes one photo at a time, and these moments will never be duplicated again. As for the paint throwing, in some of the photos we had up to 9 people throwing paint at once, and my job was to time the moment perfectly. Out of the entire shoot we only shot 5 rolls of film.


Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields

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Som sin generasjons Andy Warhol har Tyler Shields produsert bilder som leker med forestillinger om blikket, maktstrukturer, hyperrealisme, ikonoklastiske tendenser og kinematografisk uttrykk, men hans verk i Mouthful-serien er blant hans mest kjente

Fotografen, filmregissøren og tekstforfatteren Tyler Shields (f. 1982) ble født i Jacksonville, Florida, og er bosatt i Los Angeles.