Moonlight sonata av Tyler Shields

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I have so much to say about this photo. I took this in my backyard, and in the middle of the shoot one of my neighbors' babies started to cry. The noise was derailing the lion, and its trainer told me to make the baby stop crying, which of course I could not, so he asked if we could turn on some music to obscure the neighboring cries. I asked what he would like, and he responded, “Anything but the Rolling Stones.” I was stunned, and a bit confused as to why the lion had an issue with the Rolling Stones, but acting quickly, I instructed my assistant to put on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, as it was the only song I could think of that contains a calm arrangement of movements throughout. When the lion heard the song, he calmly walked up to me, slowly turned his head, and I took the shot. This was my very first Gelatin Silver print of my Silver Gelatin series, which are handmade dark room prints. The Gelatin Silver process is the photographic process used with currently available black-and-white coated paper. These light-sensitive materials are stable under normal keeping conditions, and are able to be exposed and processed even many years later.


Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields

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Som sin generasjons Andy Warhol har Tyler Shields produsert bilder som leker med forestillinger om blikket, maktstrukturer, hyperrealisme, ikonoklastiske tendenser og kinematografisk uttrykk, men hans verk i Mouthful-serien er blant hans mest kjente

Fotografen, filmregissøren og tekstforfatteren Tyler Shields (f. 1982) ble født i Jacksonville, Florida, og er bosatt i Los Angeles.