Queen Elizabeth II (The London Legacy) av Richard Ryan

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In the artist mind as well as in the minds of millions of Brits no human has embodied a sense of devotion to a cause more than Queen Elizabeth II. For 70 years she stood firm as a symbol of excellence and of being true to a cause. Her cause being the Monarch of the United Kingdom and the commonwealth and giving it all in her powers. Like she once said “I did not seek this position in life but accepted it fully”. The artist imagines the Queen in a unattended moment just before the coronation where Elizabeth is still able to be someone else than the Queen of all Brits. The famous sword with which she was known both to give knighthood and cut cake in her later years is in her right hand. In her left she holds the Launer handbag. She had at least thousand of them and they were her secret instrument of giving signs to trusted members of royal court. The queen is in the artist vision standing on the Tower bridge in a time where she is still very young but behind her the modern skyscraper The shard is visible. She is dressed in a deep blue dress printed with a confident almost graffiti like pattern on the lower parts where the printed texts says boldly HERMAJESTYTHEQUEEN in different directions so that they form a waving union jack flag. Along her slim profile on the right side of her dress 70 safety pins are fixated. These safety pins marks each year Elizabeth II served as a Monarch. Safety Pins are a classic Punk symbol. Six Pistols made hysteria with the song and design for the album God save the queen. It was seen as huge provocation then but the Queen herself is known to have had a great sense of humour. Maybe she would have approved of the artist rebellious design for this dress. The Royal Ravens are watching the Queen from steal beams on Tower Bridge. There are six of them because according to folklore and legends there must always be at least six Ravens stationed at the Tower for protection of the Queen and her kingdom. A line scribbled in yellow just to the right of the queen is the last verse from Edgar Allan Poe´s famous poem “The Raven”. When read carefully the poems meaning, according to the artist is not gloomy and sad. “- And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted, forever more” This graphic work was completed during the last days of the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Three months later the artist happened to be called to London on assignments and arrived on the day of the Queens funeral Monday the 19th of September 2022 Thank you Ma'am for your service.


Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

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Kunstneren Richard Ryan visste tidig at det var kunstner han ville bli. Han startet sin karriere som profesjonell fotograf efter å ha studert kunst ve universitetet i Stockholm. Som fotograf vill Ryan utrykke en surrealistisk virkelighet. Jo mer dramatisk og vakker, jo bedre. Hans filosofi er og alltid være fri og kreativ, og ikke følge samfunnets trender. I hans fotografier så vel som hans kunstverk finnes viljen til å fortelle en historie for betrakteren.