London 5 to midnight (The London Legacy) av Richard Ryan

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Behold a heroine! Boldly wearing a William Morris patterned dress under a bright red coat with a hood. The lady in red might be seen as the adult parallel version of Red Riding Hood of the brothers Grimm. In this tale of ,London 5 to midnight, she has domesticated the wolf, even two of them. From the walls of a passage tunnel beside her an old Pink Floyd tribute has faded. Yet the contours of Battery Power Station Plant are clearly recognizable. Watch out for the little pig floating in between the chimneys. The title and the expression five to midnightstipulates an emergency or to act fast on a urgent matter. The emergency and matter at hand is as with many world cities, past and present, the abundant occurrence of violence. Authorities are present all around through CCTV but for console and a human voice on a steady phone line there aren't blue phone booths at hand. The iconic blue police phone both made famous through the loved tv series Dr Who is instead only a flat cut out The scribble in yellow on the clipart of the blue police phone both says “Jack was always here" Jack in this story is partly the fictional Ripper of the Victorian era but also a symbol for Jack like humans that came, went and will come… In the moons pale white and grey shades the large wolfs stroll calmly in front of our heroine. Nocturnal creatures for protection?…yes what else would keep us safer than tamed beasts. There is yet another message scribbled on the Police Both. A tribute to Kate Bush and her amazing song Running up that hill. The lyrics are rewritten as a meditation and hope for strength to not indulge in fear of shadows.


Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

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Kunstneren Richard Ryan visste tidig at det var kunstner han ville bli. Han startet sin karriere som profesjonell fotograf efter å ha studert kunst ve universitetet i Stockholm. Som fotograf vill Ryan utrykke en surrealistisk virkelighet. Jo mer dramatisk og vakker, jo bedre. Hans filosofi er og alltid være fri og kreativ, og ikke følge samfunnets trender. I hans fotografier så vel som hans kunstverk finnes viljen til å fortelle en historie for betrakteren.