Bowie rebellion at 10 Downing (The London Legacy) av Richard Ryan

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Fashion designer Alexander Mc queen made the union Jack Bowie costume in the 90s. David Bowie himself created and indulged in a glamour scene that celebrated femininity. A play with gender without the fear of getting stuck in a twisted orientation. Femininity and masculinity is within all living beings without clear boundaries of proportions. All over the world we find historic and present tributes to the urge and bravery to openly display equal balance between those two forces. A society permitting the decision to each individual is often a flourishing one. The debate is always political on what should be permitted to tip the balance and for whom. The artist imagined a elegant rebellion for the sake of embracing the beautiful powers that make up a balanced mind. A whole army of David Bowies in Alexander Mc Queen costumes outside of 10 Downing street. David Bowie himself portrayed as a women with the same complexity of eyes as he had. One eye with a dysfunctional iris. The female Bowie with the same short orange red hair as her soldiers. Dressed in a Savile Row suit pinstriped armour and a scarlet red scarf embellished with a came brosch. I see her as a MP, representing and cheering powerful femininity and redefining what it could be to be masculine. As MP´s scream bollocks inside of 10 downing she just calmly leaves to join her rebellion forces. There is scribble on a window to the right behind her. It says “We are all mad here”. That's what the cat said to Alice and then, “But that is a good thing” A sticker is placed on the lower part of the female Bowies Red MP bag. It portrays Captain Tom. One of David Bowies most well known songs is Space Oddity where he sings about Major Tom. Captain Tom though showed the world what it means to be rooted in your own powers. Not using force or swords but a Gentlemen devotion to amass millions in donations for a good cause. On the back of one of the Bowie soldiers there is a note, a poem titled Scarlet Boy written by the artist. It features a memoir of a encounter with a boy from a distance. The boy dressed and reminding of a young David Bowie. The artist in his poem silently prays for a world that would be forever kind to a boy that adorns himself with scarlet and red.


Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

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Kunstneren Richard Ryan visste tidig at det var kunstner han ville bli. Han startet sin karriere som profesjonell fotograf efter å ha studert kunst ve universitetet i Stockholm. Som fotograf vill Ryan utrykke en surrealistisk virkelighet. Jo mer dramatisk og vakker, jo bedre. Hans filosofi er og alltid være fri og kreativ, og ikke følge samfunnets trender. I hans fotografier så vel som hans kunstverk finnes viljen til å fortelle en historie for betrakteren.