At Notting Hill gate (The London Legacy) av Richard Ryan

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Lady Britania Rules at Notting Hill Gate. Draped in a poppy patterned dress she radiates hope to passers by. Britania wont ever forget the brave ones that fell in battle. For each of them a ceramic poppy was once planted on the soil outside of the castle Towers thick walls. She pours from a kettle cause the need for tea in times of joy and of hardships is not something to ignore. A soldier in war will always be served tea no matter what perils may lurk. That pledge from the British state is governed by law. That of course goes for all guards of Buckingham Palace as well. All though probably strictly prohibited while standing guard. The mathematician Ada Lovelace is known by few enthusiasts of industrial history and early computing. Fewer knows that ingenious Ada is nowadays seen as the very founder of the basic principles behind “The thinking machine” or as we call them - computers. Her basic principles are scribbled to the left straight on to the steal beam to the left behind Lady Britania. On the right hand side another scribble can be found. The lovely poem “She Walks In Beauty” by the hand of Lord Byron. Lord Byron was Ada Lovelace father. Maybe the poem was a ode to his gifted daughter. The One Penny black stamp is the print seen decorating the lover part of the print. It is a mouth watering find for every stamp collector in the world. The One Penny stamp was a brand new invention and a revolution for postal services all around the world when it arrived in offices by July 1840. An instant success more than fifty millions of them were printed. Some say it is not a rarity, but believe me it is scarce, expensive and some are worth millions. Stamp collecting is known to count to many old blokes in its ranks, is it not amusing then that most of them hunger for portraits of women. More precise various British queens in all colours and sizes the more the merrier its collector.


Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

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Kunstneren Richard Ryan visste tidig at det var kunstner han ville bli. Han startet sin karriere som profesjonell fotograf efter å ha studert kunst ve universitetet i Stockholm. Som fotograf vill Ryan utrykke en surrealistisk virkelighet. Jo mer dramatisk og vakker, jo bedre. Hans filosofi er og alltid være fri og kreativ, og ikke følge samfunnets trender. I hans fotografier så vel som hans kunstverk finnes viljen til å fortelle en historie for betrakteren.