Obscure Sphere (bok) av Ole Marius Jørgensen



Obscure Sphere

This monograph is a collection of work by Ole Marius Joergensen The book takes you from 2014 to the present day and shows the artist’s dedication to the rural landscape. In the 9 different series presented, the artist examines the silence of the simple and peaceful rural world fading in favor of today’s complex societies that are concerned with instant gratification.

“Obscure Sphere” refers to the landscapes where all my ideas roam. I wander both vast mental and physical landscapes, where it’s just me and my creative thoughts. It’s a lonely but beautiful journey. – Ole Marius Joergensen

Ole Marius Joergensen [b. 1976] is a fine art photographer based in the small town of Asker, just outside Oslo. Born in rural Norway, he grew up fascinated by Steven Spielberg’s and Stephen Kings’ images of American suburbia, and drew inspiration from them to create his own narratives. Imaginary places where the individual takes center stage. He uses the humor and codes of surrealism, and observes the everyday activities of people in nature. Joergensen presents stories that allow viewers to find their own endings. Like a filmmaker, he presents one scene after another, meant to be seen as he goes along, like a slowly unfolding story.

Ole Marius Jørgensen

Ole Marius Jørgensen

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Ole Marius Jørgensen (1976) er mest kjent for sine omhyggelig iscenesatte fotografier. Bruk av teatralsk lys og levende fargekomposisjoner understreker Ole Marius’ arbeid.

Jørgensen vokste opp på 80-tallet i Norge, hvor han ble fascinert av den amerikanske popkulturen, gjennom filmer og bøker. Hollywoods polerte glansbilder satte dype visuelle spor, noe som førte til filmstudier i både Norge og England før han endte opp som fotograf, etter to års utdanning (2002-2004). Alle seriene hans har et sterkt filmatisk uttrykk ved seg.