Heaven Lent You a Soul Earth Will Lend a Grave av Magnus Gjøen

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Heaven Lent You a Soul Earth Will Lend a Grave

If Baroque painting had a twenty-first century soul it would take the form of the lenticular. Heaven Lent You a Soul Earth Will Lend a Grave is a modern reinterpretation of one of the greatest examples of Baroque painting – 'The Triumph of Divine Providence (and the Fulfilment of its Purposes under Pope Urban VIII)' by Petro da Cortona (1632-1639) in the Palazzo Barberini in Rome.Opulent & theatrical, the ceiling of Palazzo Barberini in Rome vibrates with the thrum of its 100 plus characters and is a masterpiece of seventeenth century painting and optical illusion.

'Dilated to infinity beyond the limits imposed by the architecture', the original fresco plays with perspective whilst the modern form of the lenticular pushes the games of perspective even further. Displaying a marketing savvy similar to today's Instagrammer or social media expert, the Barberini ceiling offers a masterclass in self promotion & propaganda, a recurring theme and comparison in Magnus' work. 'We think that this obsession with portraying oneself in the perfect light is something new that has come with the age of social media, but in fact humans have been doing so for centuries.'


Magnus Gjøen

Magnus Gjøen

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MAGNUS GJØEN ble født i London av norske foreldre, og vokste opp Sveits, Danmark, Italia og England. Gjøen har studert både fine art og motedesign, hvilket ledet til en suksessrik karriere for motehuset Vivienne Westwood, før han skiftet fokus til billedkunsten.