Vinterblomst av Kari Elisabeth Haug

P Dette kunstverket omsettes ved Fineart som mellommann i opphavsmannens navn, og er således unntatt MVA. Les mer

Akryl, blyant og kritt på lerret. Bildet må hentes hos galleri Fineart på Filipstad Brygge 2, 0252 Oslo, annen levering må avtales.

Kunstnerens egen kommentar

Tilhører temaet «The Brittleness of our Existence» presentert på den «58. Biennale di Venezia 2019» og i den offisielle boken fra Biennalen «Thirst»:

I have great respect for the sea, its swells, the depth and its enormous power. Innumerable shipwrecks and loss of lives along the coast and out in the open waters. At the same time I feel the freedom and openness where it connects the different parts of the world. The scent of sea tangle and seaweed, the wind that slips the surface makes me become silent. I feel the water in its different ways, snow and ice up here in the north and the landscape is hidden to rest. Man is water, water is the symbol of purification, purity, pregnancy.. Water is apart from air, the most important resource and source for life. Without water - no life. However, clean water is by far nothing to be taken for granted. The oceans are polluted. On a global scale it is estimated that between 8- 12 million tons with plastic end in the sea every year. One tenth of the worlds population live without clean water to drink. The UN obligation nr 6 binds up all the nations to secure access to clean drinking water within 2030. With this starting point I let my own reflections intuitively conduct my brush and expression. I let my stroke tumble and let it repeat the coming emotions. Some of them scare me, but the tender lines give indication of joy and hope. We have to manage these challenges, bring life and optimism further to the next generation.

Kari Elisabeth Haug