Ode To Brandenburg av David Yarrow

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standard (132x182)

Innrammet med en sort massiv trelist og canvastrukket passepartout. Rammen er et kunstverk i seg selv og en integrert del av kunstverket. Finnes i to størrelser:
Standard: 132 x 182 cm | Large: 180 x 230 cm
Målene er yttermålet på rammen
OBS: 4-6 ukers leveringstid

Kunstnerens egen kommentar

Jim Brandenburg's iconic image of a wolf 's head sticking out from behind a forest tree is widely regarded as a key moment in the history of nature photography. It was the first photograph in this saturated genre that art critics considered to be art.

Whenever the National History Museum in London has a retrospective of great wildlife images of the last generation, this seminal work tends to be front stage. This is deserved - it has a hypnotic intensity. Jim's photograph will always stand the test of time - it is made complete by its lack of completeness - the viewer is allowed to interpret, dream and let the imagination take over. This is clearly preferable to being dictated to - which happens with the bulk of photographs of animals. We are engaged by being asked to fill in the gaps. As Diane Arbus reminded us “a photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.” Jim's image is never far from my mind - especially with intelligent animals that couple athleticism with stealth. The tiger is a perfect example and I had my oppor-tunity in 2019 on a very hot day in Ranthambore, India to borrow from his conception. The tiger was walking on an incline and this allowed me to use the ridge between us. The high sun and arid canvas below allowed me to deliberately overexpose everything other than the tiger's face. I wanted as much negative space in the photograph as possible.

Tigers are probably the most dangerous animal we work with and can indeed let our imagination kick in with this photograph. Imagine, indeed, that you are on foot in the highlands of India and you see this in the eye piece of your binoculars. It would be altogether quite terrifying.


David Yarrow

David Yarrow

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DAVID YARROW (f. 1966) reiser verden rundt og tar bilder av ville dyr og urfolk. Men ikke kall ham villmarksfotograf, for han er en av verdens bestselgende kunstfotografer. Yarrow er representert av viktige gallerier verden over, og fotografiene hans selges for opptil 110.000 dollar stykket.

David Yarrow ble født i Glasgow i Skottland i 1966 og begynte å fotografere allerede som tenåring. Han er kunstfotograf, finansmann, naturverner og forfatter. Yarrow reiser verden rundt til noen av klodens mest isolerte steder og tar unike bilder av ville dyr, urfolk, landskap og bortgjemte samfunn.