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No Laughing Matter av David Yarrow

P Dette kunstverket omsettes ved Fineart som mellommann i opphavsmannens navn, og er således unntatt MVA. Les mer

Innrammet med en sort massiv trelist og canvastrukket passepartout. Rammen er et kunstverk i seg selv og en integrert del av kunstverket. Finnes i to størrelser:
Standard: 132 x 183 cm | Large: 180 x 259 cm
Målene er yttermålet på rammen
OBS: 4-6 ukers leveringstid

Kunstnerens egen kommentar

I know 2 things from photographing hyenas. The first is that they have a few idiosyncrasies - they run funny, smell funny and with their oversized heads and large ears, they look dead funny too. Maybe they are just laughing at themselves - a good sign in any mammal.

I don't actually think many of us really know exactly what hyenas look like because, they are the least photographed of all the storied animals in Africa. We are not familiar with them as we don’t revere them - indeed to be called a hyena, has become a term of abuse, which seems rather unfair on a species that adds to the rich fauna of sub-Saharan Africa. Hyenas are clearly useful additions to animated films and musicals as they can be demonised and portrayed as the bad guys.

But here is the other thing about hyenas which slightly plays towards their stereotyping of being the villains - they don't respect camera equipment at all. I am sometimes asked which animal destroys the most camera equipment. Elephants kick my remote cameras in Amboseli, lions will confiscate the camera, but get bored after a while, whilst bears and bison could not be less interested.

But the adult female hyena in this photograph, picked up some of my equipment from the ground and I watched from the safety of my cage as it was broken up into 30 different pieces over a 5-minute period of intense brutality. It is the first and last time, I will leave camera equipment on the ground if there are hyenas in the area.

Luckily my memory card which contained this photograph was not a victim of the assault. It was taken from my cage on a 58mm lens - I am not sure many have tried that with a bunch of hyenas before. I would not take risks with them - they could live up to their name and that would not be funny.

David Yarrow

David Yarrow

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DAVID YARROW (f. 1966) reiser verden rundt og tar bilder av ville dyr og urfolk. Men ikke kall ham villmarksfotograf, for han er en av verdens bestselgende kunstfotografer. Yarrow er representert av viktige gallerier verden over, og fotografiene hans selges for opptil 110.000 dollar stykket.

David Yarrow ble født i Glasgow i Skottland i 1966 og begynte å fotografere allerede som tenåring. Han er kunstfotograf, finansmann, naturverner og forfatter. Yarrow reiser verden rundt til noen av klodens mest isolerte steder og tar unike bilder av ville dyr, urfolk, landskap og bortgjemte samfunn.