Cara And The Robbers av David Yarrow

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Innrammet med en sort massiv trelist og canvastrukket passepartout. Rammen er et kunstverk i seg selv og en integrert del av kunstverket. Finnes i to størrelser:
Standard: 132 x 157 cm | Large: 180 x 218 cm
Målene er yttermålet på rammen
OBS: 6-8 ukers leveringstid

Kunstnerens egen kommentar

Durango, Colorado, USA

Photographing a famous person next to something visually outstanding represents a riddle as there must be a debate as to which subject to deprioritise.

The best images tend to favour both subjects equally - an example perhaps being Diana Spencer - the then Princess of Wales - against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal. She is dwarfed by the magnificence of what is behind her but is central and pivotal to the story.

Cara Delevingne cannot be taken up to a remote forest, fresh in new snow and then asked to play a secondary role. She has too powerful a look to be relegated to the role of a contextual extra, but equally, the Durango Steam train in winter is one of the great props a storytelling photographer can have. In scouting the journey the day after an intense snowstorm, I found a spot that I thought could offer a balance; I would just need Cara to be strong and sure footed on the banks of a river in a huge amount of fresh snow.

There is a confident swagger to her and my best narrative was that she could be celebrating a robbery before it had even occurred - hence the cigar in her mouth. She can smoke a cigar like the best gambler in Vegas.

It was a cold afternoon that day. This was no studio and as always, it was an honour to work with Cara, she is one of the very best in the business. It’s not a bad backdrop either.


David Yarrow

David Yarrow

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DAVID YARROW (f. 1966) reiser verden rundt og tar bilder av ville dyr og urfolk. Men ikke kall ham villmarksfotograf, for han er en av verdens bestselgende kunstfotografer. Yarrow er representert av viktige gallerier verden over, og fotografiene hans selges for opptil 110.000 dollar stykket.

David Yarrow ble født i Glasgow i Skottland i 1966 og begynte å fotografere allerede som tenåring. Han er kunstfotograf, finansmann, naturverner og forfatter. Yarrow reiser verden rundt til noen av klodens mest isolerte steder og tar unike bilder av ville dyr, urfolk, landskap og bortgjemte samfunn.