Digestable art - Magritte av Clara Hallencreutz

P Dette kunstverket omsettes ved Fineart som mellommann i opphavsmannens navn, og er således unntatt MVA. Les mer

Crystal Archive paper face mounted with silicon based liquid onto 10mm thick glass and a brushed aluminium backing; along with aluminium frame list for hanging.
Signed by the artist and accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Kunstnerens egen kommentar

“This abstract portrait series explores what can represent a pixel (the individual units that compose an image), and re-constructs and modernizes famous artworks by the old masters, including Da Vinci, Vermeer and Magritte. The mosaic-like installations are composed using coloured pieces of toast, which act as digestible pop art-like pixels. The familiarity of the toast pieces is challenged by their colour, scale and repetition, yet the strong heritage of the paintings pierces through the abstract expression, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the power of recognizing a familiar sight through colour combination. The title comes from my aim to create art that is digestible and relatable. I’m inspired by the ordinary that can be meaningful and understood by a wide and diverse audience, and act as a universal trigger instead of a complex matter that is only relevant to a small group of people.”


Clara Hallencreutz

Clara Hallencreutz

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CLARA HALLENCREUTZ (f. 1985) er en svensk kunstfotograf som har oppnådd verdensomspennende anerkjennelse for sine fargerike og lekne fotografier av kjente objekter med en ny vri. Hallencreutz har en bachelor i fotografi fra Queensland College of Art og har stilt ut i USA, Frankrike, England, Kina, Australia, og sitt hjemland Sverige.