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Nimbu av Cecilie Lind

P Dette kunstverket omsettes ved Fineart som mellommann i opphavsmannens navn, og er således unntatt MVA. Les mer

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Every color is affecting us in various ways. They all have history and contain symbolic value which differs from where in the world one is. This project examines some aspects of the color yellow which haves to do with perception and symbolism.

The installation Nimbu contains seven self-portraits in glazed porcelain. They all have one or two hands assembled in various formations on the head. The head and hands are often associated with both the intellect and physical action. To think, and to give and take. The installation also contains several other yellow sculptures of lemons, bananas, chillies, and broccolis. The walls are covered with yellow textiles and the floor with a yellow carpet. A surrealistic experience of the color yellow, accompanied by so-called yellow music.

The installation is conducted on an intuitive basis, without any external rules or strict concept, except from the color yellow.

Cecilie Lind

Cecilie Lind

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CECILIE LIND (f. 1973) har Mastergrad i Kunstfag fra Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo hvor hun ble uteksaminert i 2009. Hun debuterte på Høstutstillingen i 2013 og har siden hatt en rekke utstillinger i inn og utland. I 2015 ble hun invitert til å delta på Banquet Selection på Grand Palais, i Paris, i regi av Norske Kunsthåndverkere.