Lyset som skinner gjennom trærne I av Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen

P Dette kunstverket omsettes ved Fineart som mellommann i opphavsmannens navn, og er således unntatt MVA. Les mer

Analogt fotografi, edit/eruption på filmrull, trykket på Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta 315

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An outtake from a series about loss and the undeniable constant change.
January 28th. The Challenger space shuttle explodes. The seven people on board lose their lives.
February 1. Arne Næss and Diana Ross get married.
February 28th. Olof Palme is shot and killed.
April 5th. Avalanche inVassdalen. 16 soldiers lose their lives
April 8. lockout. Over 100.000 LO organized bans.
April 11th. Daniel Rønning Stokkan is born.
April 19. First lottery draw.
April 26. The Chernobyl accident.
April 30 Willoch government resigns.
July 23. British Prince Andrew marries Sahra Ferguson.
September 6th. Steffen Tangstad loses the World Cup match against Michael Spinks.
November 29 Cary Grant dies aged 89
1986 was the year Daniel came into the world. A "world event" for two young parents.
But Daniel was from the start a boy who would rather not leave the wet, warm, safe element in his mother's stomach. He waited with the separation and meeting with the world if he could. In the end, he had to get out. Into a world he strangely knew. But just as didn't recognize- again?
The playful boy carried and hid an old and wise soul. A soul who spoke through what Daniel wanted to create. Something nice, something that roomed love. Something that could arouse wonder. Like himself, he wondered. Every day.
He sought incessant knowledge. And answer.
He searched incessantly for what could fill the great longing for love. A love who carried everything, knew everything, was everything. An eternal and unconditional love. Love the way he saw it. Or maybe, as he knew it was. From the beginning.
All Daniel wanted was to create.
All he wanted was to give something back.
All he wanted was to fulfill dreams. Own and others.
All he wanted was to see a world that built on more than what he found. By answer. Out of love. Of freedom to create.
On June 13, Daniel chose to leave this unknown known world.
He chose his life away for the benefit of the unknown known.
All he carried in his pockets- into the realm of love - was a receipt from Biltema.
On blue rope.
July24th. Rail crash in Santiago de Compostela claimed 79 lives
September9th . Norwegian parliamentary election, 2013
October 16th. Erna Solberg's government took over from Jens Stoltenberg's secondgovernment.
November3rd . Hybrid solar eclipse.
November 22nd. Magnus Carlsen became world chess champion.
December 5th. Nelson Mandela dies aged 95


Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen

Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen

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CECILIA RIIS KJELDSEN (f. 1987) er en norsk kunstner med base i Fredrikstad som jobber med fotografi, tegning, collage og video.

Kjeldsen jobber hovedsakelig med personlige prosjekter og har flere gruppe- og separatutstillinger og bokprosjekter bak seg. Som fotograf har hun flere års erfaring med prosjekter rettet mot musikk, portrett og mote.