Bok: a-ha - Photographs 1994-2010 av


Stian Andersen is the only photographer who has closely followed the Norwegian pop adventure a-ha over a period of several years. From 1994 and right up until the 2010 farewell tour, he has been closer to the band and the boys than anyone else before him – on trips, in cars, at hotels, in practice sessions, backstage – and has been the only photographer ever to take pictures of them in a recording studio, where he snapped away while Morten Harket laid in the vocal track of Foot of the Mountain. According to Stian himself, the job has not just been simple: “I have never spent such a long time on a project as I have on this one. Making a book of photographs of a-ha is different from doing one about, for example, Turboneger. It's more closed, there's more history, the backstage area is more sacred. While I've been doing my job, I haven't seen any other photographers or members of the press backstage.” The book presents an intimate portrait of a-ha over a period of 15 years, as seen through the lens of Norway's foremost rock photographer. The book's publication in mid September 2012 will coincide with an exhibition of Andersen's pictures at the Stolper + Friends gallery in Tjuvholmen in Oslo.